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Stair Lifts

All, regardless of configuration, come equipped with safety features.
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A Compact & Affordable Mobility Solution

Stair Lifts can help you keep your independence and mobility in the comfort of your home. Nationwide Lifts of Northern California offers several stair lift options to keep your steps from becoming a liability.

Indy Pinnacle Stair Lift

• Incredibly narrow, folding to just 11"
• Utilizes a Helical Drive System – most efficient unit available
• Does Not Require Grease or Lubricants
• Reliable, reliable, reliable

Narrow & Efficient

The Indy Pinnacle Stair Lift brings comfort, efficiency and luxury into the home. It's an affordable, compact option with top-of-the-line safety features.

Indy Lux Stair Lift

• 400 lbs. Weight Capacity
• Performs Even During A Power Outage
• Adjustable seat width conforms to Any Body Type

Luxury & Functionality

The Indy Lux has a premium look with stitched seat. This stair lift suites a variety of body types and sizes.

Indy Curve Stair Lift

• 400 lbs. Weight Capacity
• Follows staircase through 90 and 180 degree turns
• Adjustable Seat Height & Armrests

Custom & Efficiency

The Indy Curve is designed to fit the exact specifications of an individual stairway. The Indy Curve requires very little maintenance due to its direct drive motor.

Indy Outdoor Stair Lift

• Built to withstand weather
• Seat & Footrest Fold to 14"
• Smooth Ride From Start to Finish

Durable & All-Weather

The Indy Outdoor Stair Lift gives you freedom in the great outdoors. It is designed to withstand storms and all types of Northern California weather.

Indy XL Stair Lift

• Only 600 lb. Capacity Stair Lift Available
• Travels Up to 40 Feet
• Heavy-duty Seat, Arm and Foot Rest Frames
• Easy-to-use Integrated Constant Pressure Control Switch

Heavy-Duty & Supportive

The Indy XL has the heaviest carrying capacity in the stair lift industry. This chair lift is made with heavy-duty materials to support any body size type.

Nationwide Lifts of Northern California is ready for all your stair lift needs. Contact us today for a free quote and a free catalog.