Wheelchair Lifts

Improve Interior Or Exterior Accessibility For Your Home Or Business

Popular for use in schools, places of worship and other public spaces, a wheelchair lift is a great space saving solution to make your home or business wheelchair accessible.  Our team is extremely knowledgeable and available to assist during the planning stages of your project. The Apex product line is fully code compliant and meets the national and local safety standard codes taking the guess work out of implementing a vertical platform lift into your project.

Apex Green

The Apex Green is a vertical platform lift that can be customized with various colors, platform sizes and options such as enclosures, gates, and automatic doors.  It has a self-supporting base, an optional zinc, powder coated finish and a tower structure that houses the mechanical components, making this platform lift a rugged and reliable system that can withstand even the most severe weather elements.

Convenient & Durable

The Apex Green is an economical wheelchair lift that travels up to 6 feet making it a perfect application for a porch or exterior of a small business looking to meet handicap accessibility.

Apex Green 1
Apex Hydro

The Apex Hydro is ideal for indoor and outdoor, residential, or commercial applications.  It can travel up to 14 feet and its versatile design makes it an ideal solution for any application from an outdoor deck lift to the most luxurious office lobby.  It can be discretely installed in a hoistway or can be fully enclosed with a factory designed enclosure.  

Apex Hydro 1
Aesthetic & Functional

The hydraulic drive system lifts up to 750 lbs., runs smooth and quiet while traveling 20 feet per minute.  This vertical platform lift does not require a machine room and only requires a 3-inch pit which makes it a great space solution for any home or business.

Apex Complete

The Apex Complete is our factory enclosure model.  The enclosure model is ideal for outdoor applications designed to keep the rider partially or completely out of the weather elements. This model is also popular in many indoor and outdoor commercial applications required for code compliancy.

Enclosure Model

The enclosure is made of aluminum and acrylic inserts, an optional top dome and corrosion-resistance steel components along with an electric ventilation system for outdoor applications.  Custom colors, tempered, laminated glass, automatic doors, gates, full or partial enclosures options are available to seamlessly blend in with the home or building design.

Apex Complete
Apex Elite

The Apex Elite is the highest level of luxury and convenience when it comes to a vertical platform lift.  The enclosure design can be completely glass, stainless steel, custom color, illuminated call stations, logo additions, and more. These custom options make this lift a functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to high-end commercial buildings and homes.

Apex Elite Wheelchair Lift 1